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All of our consultants are highly-trained and experienced in finance. We understand what's important to finance leaders when it comes to A/R, Credit & Collection Management.


A/R Consultants

Third-Party Collections

MCB's exclusive Third-Party collections processes successfully collects most bad debt in full within 27 days.  Let us recover your most accounts for you!

First-Party Collections

You need cashflow FAST without disrupting customer relationships.  MCB can supply a highly-trained Collections team, and your customers won't even know we're involved!

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting

(Leadership & Team Members)

If needed, MCB's world-class talent acquisition team will help you fill key positions within your A/R, Credit & Collections department(s) to ensure the right people are in the right seats.  

Ongoing Training & Coaching (Manager & Team)

Our dedicated experts will work with your department to ensure they are fully-trained, managed effectively & working together  as a cohesive team.

A/R Policy & Procedure Audits (Initial & Ongoing)

MCB will audit your internal Accounts Receivable, Credit & Collection policies & procedures, then optimize them to ensure your department is the most effective and efficient.

We can fix all of your internal accounts receivable, credit & collection problems...


We can turn unpaid invoices into immediate cashflow or completely fix your underperforming department.  What do you need more information on?

How Can We
Help You?

We can turn unpaid invoices into immediate cashflow or completely fix your underperforming department. What do you need right now?

How Can We
Help You?

We originally entered the industry as a collection agency, and set ourselves apart by collecting debt for our clients from out-of-business companies with or without personal guarantees. It was difficult, but after a long journey and many failed attempts we created our revolutionary A.I.M. collection processes, which delivered an 85%+ success rate on the most difficult collections and far exceeded anything our clients had ever seen across the board. Before long we had more clients than we could handle and everything was going better than planned… Until we realized we’d solved the wrong problem… No matter how much bad debt we collected our clients were still suffering, and CFO’s, Controllers, and their Accounts Receivable, Credit & Collection Managers kept losing their jobs. We watched as some of our best clients went bankrupt due to cash flow and customer satisfaction issues. Others were crippled by constant employee turnover within their accounts receivable, credit and collection departments leading to low morale, cross departmental conflict and toxic work environments. While we were wildly successful within our role for our clients, they were literally drowning in the hidden issues that plagued them. We knew finding a permanent solution to these problems would not only help the companies we worked with, but also potentially help millions of people lead more fulfilling, happier lives, both at work and at home. We got to work once again and began identifying patterns and root-causes, chipping away at the solution until we finally cracked the code. Since then we have helped thousands of companies both big and small quickly triage, treat and cure their unhealthy departments, while immediately turning their A/R into cashflow. We can help you…we guarantee it.

But that's not where we began...

Morgan, Cohen & Bach (MCB) is the only Accounts Receivable Consulting & Management company in the U.S. to develop a proven system to quickly triage, treat and cure unhealthy A/R departments.

Who We Are

As an MCB Client you’ll have access to everything you need to both collect Accounts Receivables in record time AND build the highly effective & efficient Accounts Receivable, Credit or Collections department of your dreams…and we can do it for you! 

Welcome To Your New High-Performing

Credit & Collections Department

We're acutely aware of the time constraints facing most finance leaders these days, and everything we do is built around SAVING you time, not creating more time-consuming, labor-intensive projects for you to manage. 

With MCB, simply tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest, guaranteed.


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