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The Story of MCB

We can turn unpaid invoices into immediate cashflow or completely fix your underperforming department. What do you need right now?

How Can We
Help You?

Once upon a time, a group of finance leaders saw issues within the commercial debt collection industry and knew they could do it better.....They built Morgan, Cohen & Bach, but breaking into an industry full of complacent, old-fashioned 900-lb collection gorillas was difficult….no one knew who they were!

They began asking companies what they needed, who replied "Fix these" and handed over the accounts no other collection agency wanted…the dreaded, uncollectable “Out of Business” collections....
MCB realized if they became the best at “collecting the impossible”, it would be so valuable it would be a no-brainer for companies to partner with them. Intent on slaying this dragon for their clients in order to put MCB "on the map", they dove in head-first...and ran straight into a brick wall…and then another....and another. They didn't give up and learned something new each step of the way, until they finally had a breakthrough...and then another...and another.

MCB quickly became the best at "impossible collections", which made them REALLY good at standard, less-complicated recoveries, and the unique processes they'd created recovered more debt in shorter time-frames than anyone had ever seen. It wasn't long before the word got out...

Before they knew it, MCB was helping some of the largest companies in the world convert business debt into cashflow faster than ever before AND fix their existing Accounts Receivable issues...which made the old-fashioned 900-lb. collection gorillas in the industry sad...
...and MCB's client partners very, VERY happy.

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