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We're Different...Guaranteed.

Our unique E2 A/R Assurance processes can't be outperformed. 

Click HERE to learn more about how MCB developed it's unique processes and became the most effective A/R management company on the planet....

Simple Steps to Get Started

Step 02. "Treatment"

MCB will immediately begin converting 95% of your total A/R to Cashflow without upsetting your customers.  

Step 03. "Cure"

With Cashflow restored, MCB's

A/R experts will work with your internal team to correct issues and ensure efficiency & effectiveness while MCB's 3rd-Party team recovers remaining bad-debt & past-due receivables. 

When its time to convert difficult past-due accounts to cashflow, MCB's commercial debt collection processes can't be outperformed, and we put our money where our mouth is. If we're unable to collect on an account, we will forward it to the collection agency or law firm of your choice and pay their fees if they collect behind us. 


This guarantee is just one of the many ways a collection partnership with Morgan, Cohen & Bach makes your life easier and reduces stress while collecting 90% more outstanding business debt & accounts receivables in less time than our competitors. 

The MCB Guarantee

Debt Collection can be a highly emotional experience for both employees and customers, and while reducing bad debt is a priority, so is maintaining positive morale in the workplace and good relationships between your brand and your clients.


Our 1st Party collection processes are designed to increase your cash flow, decrease employee turnover, prevent internal cross departmental conflict and  lower customer attrition.

Free 1st Party Collections Team

(Yes, you read that right)

Two revolutionary components set MCB apart.

Finance-Saavy Consultants

All of our agents are highly-trained and experienced in finance, and understand what's important to finance leaders when it comes to A/R Management.

A/R Policy & Procedure Audits

(Initial & Ongoing)

MCB will audit your internal Accounts Receivable departement's  process & procedures, then optimize them to ensure your A/R team is the most effective and efficient.

Ongoing Training & Coaching

(Manager & Employee)

Our dedicated  experts will work with your internal team to ensure your employees are fully-trained and managed effectively.

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting

If needed, MCB's world-class recruiting team will help you fill key positions within your internal A/R team & ensure the right people are in the right seats.  

Third-Party Collections

MCB's Third-Party collections team converts debt into cashflow and gets it back into your hands fast GUARANTEED.

First-Party Collections

You need to recover cashflow FAST. MCB will supply you with a highly-trained,  Outsourced Accounts Receivable Team to assist your internal collectors.

Radical Truth & Transparency

Trust is key, and MCB clients have full access to view notes & other key info so you're always aware of progress on your accounts.

Customer Retention Focus

All of MCB's collection processes are focused on treating your customers with dignity and respect, and preserving these important relationahips.  

360-Degree Reporting

As an MCB client you'll have full -access to a variety of real-time reports and data that keep you informed of progress on your accounts. 

Access the most powerful A/R tools on the planet...

Our Promise to You

We believe that when a client asks us to represent them, their case, account, situation, problem, challenge, issue, dispute, etc. instantly becomes ours, and we take this responsibility seriously. 

Not only do we own it  but we also believe we must do everything in our power to effectively and efficiently solve the problem. “Extreme Ownership”

We are committed to trusting in truth and transparency in every area of the relationship with our client. This means no filter, no sugar coating, no lying and no selling. We don’t ask ourselves if you can handle the truth or if we are going to deliver it with the right words. Instead we believe in Truth and Transparency – period.

Start Working with Us Today.

You need to convert outstanding accounts receivables & debt to cashflow ASAP. 

We get it, and everything we do at Morgan, Cohen & Bach is focused on exactly that, as well as ensuring you and your team avoid similar A/R issues in the future.  

Working with MCB is a "No risk" decision for financial  leaders. MCB will collect & convert more receivables into cashflow in less time and help your internal A/R team avoid similar issues in the future... GUARANTEED. 

 How MCB can help you...

Morgan, Cohen & Bach (MCB) is the only Accounts Receivable Consulting & Management company in the U.S. that has successfully developed a proven system to quickly triage, treat and cure unhealthy A/R departments. It doesn’t matter how bad your situation is or what’s causing it, we've seen it before and we're confident we can transform your Accounts Receivable departments into a high performing, well-oiled machine…while instantly helping you recover & maximize positive cashflow. 


Clients like yourself partner with MCB because they’ve realized their A/R departments are inefficient and ineffective, causing serious ongoing issues with cash flow, employee retention, customer attrition and more.  They know the importance of fixing the root issues but they can’t ignore the urgent immediate cash flow problems that need to be addressed right now.  Our system triages the urgent while simultaneously treats and cures the important getting you the instant results you need while leaving your department completely restored.  


Image by Verne Ho

You need to convert Accounts Receivable to positive cashflow now without losing customers... This is what we do 

FREE First-Party Collections 

"Paid In Full" Recovery Focus 

Lightning-Fast Remittance

Radical Truth & Transparency

Which best describes you?

I want to...

Which best describes you?

I want to...

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