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Step 01.

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Start the collection process.

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Login to your existing MCB B2B Collections Account

"Radical Transparency" is one of the foundations of Morgan, Cohen & Bach's exclusive E-Squared A/R Assurance & B2B collections processes.  Log in here to view your existing accounts and all corresponding notes & reports.  Instructions are below. 

Client Portal:

Click the button below to access your client portal..

  1. Below the Login Form, Click "Log into the Client Portal" 

  2. Login using your MCB portal credentials

  3. If asked, use company pin: 1349

MCB ​will always be the most dynamic and progressive path for recovery. Our system offers the ability to review your accounts online, check on the status of a payment and even load your own documents and accounts.
For additional questions about the portal capabilities and options, view our portal guide below.

Video Guide

(Click HERE for pdf version)

Bulk Account Import Template

To upload multiple accounts simultaneously, click HERE to download the bulk import template. Then, in the portal,  use the "Upload Accounts in Bulk" feature to drop the completed spreadsheet into the "Account Uploader". 

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